Enterprise Risk Management

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A Powerful Tool for Creating and Sustaining Value

Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) is an effective management tool for creating and sustaining value in an organization. ERM provides a comprehensive and consistent view of risk and value creation through enhanced profitability and cashflow, targeted capital expenditures, risk quantification and efficient capital allocation. Each of these supported by business growth strategies implemented by well defined and practical risk management processes, tools and techniques.


Organizational Assessment

We provide an independent review of organization's enterprise risk management programs comparing current practices to industry leading practices and processes.

ERM Identification and Design

We provide an evaluation of an organization's ERM program risk assessment and identification processes. We evaluate both the qualification and quantification of risk categories, assignment of risk ratings, likelihood and impacts.

Program Implementation and Integration

As a result of our independent risk assessments, we assist clients with the implementation and integration of their ERM programs. We work with our clients to implement both a top down and bottoms up framework starting with overall corporate governance and strategy through to daily business unit and operational execution.

Fraud Risk Assessment

As part of our broader ERM assessment, we also perform Fraud Risk Assessments. Fraud Risk Assessments are a a tool used by management to identify and understand risks to its business and weaknesses in controls that present potential fraud risk to the organization. Once identified, we assist our clients develop a risk mitigation plan through a combination of updated corporate policies, procedures and controls to monitor and measure identified fraud risks.

Internal Control

Also part of our broader ERM assessment, we also perform Internal Controls Risk Assessments. Internal Control Assessments are a tool used by management to identify risks to its business and weaknesses in internal control infrastructure that present potential internal controls risk(s) to the organization.

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