President Biden, Don’t Write off Oil and Gas!

As President Joe Biden took office, White House staff changed out photographs in hallways, newly appointed Cabinet members familiarized themselves with briefing materials and new stationery memorializing the arrival of the 46th president of the United States was printed. Change is everywhere in Washington. In stark contrast, Americans across the nation are plagued with the same challenges that they faced before. A global pandemic that has claimed over 402,000 American lives continues to wreak havoc, with no end in sight. In its wreckage, families struggle to make ends meet in an economy that flounders under the weight of international and domestic factors, including political turmoil, foreign price wars and supply chain deficiencies. Unemployment rates have stagnated at a staggering 6.7 percent

Updated Capital Outlook: Shifting Strategies and Tactical Capital

The swift downturn in financial markets from peak levels seen in early 2020 was breathtaking, and this trough has continued into 2021. The US economy has pivoted from a running on-all-cylinders, low-inflation, low unemployment strong GDP path to a grinding halt driven by COVID-19 action steps. Initial designs to reduce virus spread, infections, and mortality, and protect our healthcare capabilities have morphed into differing policy choices both at a federal, state and local level, let alone the federal changes in the executive branch. Global economies are hard hit, as the early eruption in China has spread sequentially across regions and continent, and rolling lock-downs persist. US business, both public and private entities have acted swiftly to protect and defend their enterprises against this uncertainty, at significant costs while looking for brighter signals.

Executing Blue-Chip M&A – Speeding up the Pace Requires Big Changes

Corporate deal making has a new look—smaller, busier, and focused on growth. Not so long ago, M&A experts sequenced, at most, 3 or 4 major deals a year, typically with an eye on the benefits of industry consolidation and cost cutting. Today I regularly come across executives hoping to close 10 to 20 smaller deals in the same amount of time, often simultaneously. Their objective: combining a number of complementary deals into a single strategic platform to pursue growth—for example, by acquiring a string of smaller businesses and melding them into a unit whose growth potential exceeds the sum of its parts.


At Vine Advisors, we take pride in serving our clients with top talented professionals who deliver knowledge, expertise and results. We create exceptional and honest value by understanding our clients’ needs and focusing on their success. It is through this commitment that Recruiting Services have become an important part of what we do.
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US Farmers Should Be Ecstatic Over China Buying Brazil Soy

China soy demand is recovering faster than expected. New Chinese purchases of soy is good for all soy producers, regardless of the origin.
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Ethanol Sitting Out the Energy Apocalypse

The lack of ethanol storage has saved the ethanol industry millions. Even better, ethanol stocks are in the form of corn. The ethanol industry could get thru the Covid Recession Energy Apocalypse without major damage.
4/6/2020 Risk Management #soybean #commodities #soybeanmeal #agriculture

Is a Soybean Bidding War Emminent?

Short term soymeal demand, shrinking S. American crops, and expanding Chinese demand support soybean prices.
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