At Vine Advisors, we take pride in serving our clients with top talented professionals who deliver knowledge, expertise and results. We create exceptional and honest value by understanding our clients’ needs and focusing on their success. It is through this commitment that Recruiting Services have become an important part of what we do.

Vine Advisors believes that gaining a deep insight of our clients’ needs is fundamental to delivering the best solutions. As part of this learning process we at times determine that a direct hire may be a better long-term option.  We help fulfill this need by finding the best talent that is fit-for-purpose for our clients.

Our Recruiting Services consist of marketing, communications, phone screenings, interviews, outcome documentation, transcript reviews and reference checks. The recruiting process is performed by our experienced accounting and finance professionals who understand the skill set requirements of the role and are dedicated to finding the most qualified candidates.

If you are looking to add professional resources, contact Vine Advisors to learn more about our specialized recruiting services.  Please contact Veronica Zarate [email protected] or 713.401.9060 x203


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