Turnaround Management

Financial Guidance Through Critical Transitions.

We help our clients implement turnaround strategies to avoid bankruptcy court proceedings. During restructuring situations, we assist with negotiations with lenders, debt holders, and other stakeholders. We navigate the challenging capital markets as we work with you to improve your business both operationally and financially. And we devise and implement new, solid capital structures designed to support the goals of the turnaround and beyond.


Weekly Cash Flow Projections

We help our clients gain greater visibility into potential points of liquidity difficulty around which to frame a restructuring, through weekly cash flow modeling and projecting.

Liquidity Management

We assist our clients in managing liquidity issues to gain visibility on projections and control over treasury processes.

Business Plan Development

We help our clients to develop and assess new and existing business plans for immediate and future deployment.

Balance Sheet Recapitalization

We assist our clients performing various recapitalization activities such as: management reviews, activity-based costing/profitability, root cause failure analysis, SWOT analysis, design and implementation of turnaround plan and capital raising.

Identifying Non-Core Assets

We work with clients to identify, isolate, and dispose of assets such as real estate, excess PP&E, and investments that are secondary and non-critical to core business operations.

Negotiations with Creditors

We help our clients develop and negotiate solutions with constituents, through timely analysis of operations, performance, liquidity, contractual obligations, and key relationships.

Covenant and Borrowing Base Analysis

We develop comprehensive liquidity analyses and practical cash management solutions, whether for a temporary business downturn, seasonal working capital requirements, restructuring and turnaround situation, or enterprise sale.

Communication with Constituents

We assist our clients with a formal communication plan or protocol covering areas such as weekly status reporting on turnaround plans, deliverables review, escalation protocol, and documented decisions.

Bankruptcy Management

We help our clients manage the full range of stakeholder and plan negotiations and the specialized bankruptcy preparation, liquidity and vendor management, reporting, and communications activities that accompany a filing. We strive to quickly implement restructuring changes that allow businesses to recover and return to normalized operations.

Interim Management and Operations

We assist our clients with experienced professionals that perform CEO, CFO, and chief restructuring officer (CRO) roles to lead the businesses and work with stakeholders to achieve a flexible capital structure suited to the company’s business plan and risk profile.

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