Commodity Risk Management

Energy.  Agricultural commodities.  Base Metals.  Our commodities specialists have managed them all, from the supply side, buy-side, physical and financial trading, and above all risk management.

We help our clients manage their exposure to commodity risks, whether through financial market hedging strategies, physical contracts and credit facilities, or structured financial solutions. 

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We Identify risks to market value and cash flow related to price, volatility, tenor and volume to protect profit margins and identify and quantify the value of known and unknown risks.  Understanding event risks and valuation impacts related to changes in commodity markets, regulation and financial instruments is an area where we specialize.

Physical and Financial Risk Management

Our clients control physical energy, petrochemical and metals related assets and often operate global integrated marketing operations. Physical assets includ refineries, storage and pipelines, electric power plants, retail electric providers, petrochemical plants and metals foundries.

Agricultural Farming Commodity Icon: Our agricultural, food and beverage clients feed the world. These clients include farmers, food processors and investment companies and banks that invest in these assets. The physical assets operated by these clients include land, grain elevators, ethanol manufacturing, forestry, timber lumber and food manufacturing and production

Fundamental Analysis & Portfolio Modelling

Our clients require deep fundamental analysis of economic and market conditions (variables) inpacting their ability to manage a portfolio of physical and financial assets across commodities and locations.

The future of portfolio optimization relies on the ability to manage multiple sources of big data (e.g., AMI data, micro-climate weather data, HAN, and a myriad of other data big data sources) in near real-time. Further, centralizing multiple data streams into a single repository is the cornerstone of an integrated platform that delivers automated data analytics.

Our portfolio modeling application consists of three connected components: price forecasting, load forecasting, and asset modeling. The price forecasting model generates market prices consistent with input load profiles, generation stacks, and transmission constraints, for one or multiple regions.

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