Transaction Services

We serve companies in all industries that require acquisition and divestiture advisory support across all services offerings Vine Advisors provides.

Business Combinations and Consolidations

We assist our clients with accounting for business combinations (ASC 805), discontinued operations, divestitures, and related topics such as impairments, intangibles, and segment reporting continue to pose many challenges and remains on the SEC's radar screen.

Private Equity Services

We assist our clients by bringing integrated experiences and services that leverage our private equity experience to provide timely identification and resolution of common issues encountered throughout the transaction and portfolio company lifecycle.

Post Merger Integration

We assist our clients with M&A integration/separation/divestiture plans with post-merger/day 1 readiness integration to avoid surprises while maintaining business continuity. We perform an initial assessment of readiness for ensuring the alignment between transaction teams and de-risking the integration, separation, or divestiture. We assist with accelerating operational readiness across the organization while allowing ample time to prepare for proper legal readiness.

Transaction Due Diligence

We assist our clients with business transactions, whether buying or selling of a business. Generally, we provide: (1) Strategic Analysis and Selection, (2) Deal Execution, and (3) Integration or Divestiture. Our primary objective is to increase the overall value our of clients through the purchase or sale of a business and more importantly achieving our client's desired result.

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