Vine Advisors Valuation Services

Independent Valuations of Businesses and Complex Securities

We help public and privately held companies and investment firms achieve comprehensive independent value assessments and successfully manage their financial reporting requirements.  We assist clients with financial modeling and technical accounting expertise in hard-to-value instruments and complex business situations.

Mergers &
Venture Capital Financing
Initial Public
Bankruptcy & Liquidation
Level 3



The importance of experience cannot be undervalued when determining the fair value of complex securities. It is important to partner with independent specialists who can provide:

Highly experienced expertise capable of solving complex problems

Complete independence with robust supportable documentation

Quality control to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies and procedures

Transparent valuation reports that clearly identify methodologies and conclusions

Business Valuations

Whether for Mergers or Acquisitions, Purchase Price Allocation, Stock-based Compensation, or Goodwill Impairment Testing, we provide objective and independent third-party valuations for companies private and public, any industry, any size.

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Complex Securities

We specialize in advanced financial modeling techniques and technical accounting knowledge needed for Derivatives and Complex Securities: Options, Warrants, Convertible Debt, Earnouts/Contingent Consideration, and Commodity Derivatives.

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